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Flamesplasher Twins one has wrist-mounted flamethrowers, the other wrist-mounted water cannons ; Darklight Twins one emits blinding bursts of light, the other clouds of inky blackness that impair vision, breathing and - apparently - cognition ; and Size-a-Matic Twins one can increase his size and mass to gigantic proportions, the other can shrink to the size of an action figure and perhaps even smaller. Trouble in Tokyo Justice League vs. A group organized by Vandal Savage with help from former Titan Omen to be an anti-Titans team as part of an operation he knew would bring him into conflict with the heroes. Jarrod Jupiter, the son of Loren Jupiter and brother of former Titan Lilith Clay , became the villain Haze when he learned his father began to fund the Teen Titans while being absent in his life and sought revenge. Seeking to conquer other worlds, Trigon gained worshippers on Earth in the Church of Blood and impregnated one of their number to conceive Raven, an anchor to the planet he sought. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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